Something Borrowed: drama (90 minutes approx)

Sandra is an erstwhile writer single-handedly bringing up two children following the demise of her marriage. Christine is an ambitious young professional looking forward to a bright future with her new fiancé. Sandra and Christine hate each other – which is not surprising considering that they’re both in love with the same man. Forced to spend the night together in a hospital family room, waiting to hear whether Warren, the object of their shared love, will make it through complex brain surgery, the two women embark on a passage of mutual discovery – learning as much about themselves as they do each other. As powerful as their feelings of love and loss are, bound by a common purpose, the women’s hostility cannot compete with friendship’s subtle allure and as the night unravels, a tenuous bond is formed. Surgery continues, no news comes, the hours pass and cruelty surrendering to kinship, both women realise that the love of the man they have fought over can – indeed must – be shared if they are to rebuild their lives and move forward into whatever future fate has handed them.

Chasing Rainbows: comedy (80 minutes approx)

London’s most fashionable theatre is hosting a charity event in the form of a variety show. Part of the evening’s entertainment are four comedians who arrive to discover that they are expected to share the theatre’s smallest and shabbiest dressing room (the much grander dressing rooms having been reserved for a pop starlet and a soap opera celebrity). In addition to this, the event’s organiser informs the comedians that to maintain the element of surprise for the audience, and the event’s mystery billing theme, each act must remain backstage until the time of their performance. This does not greatly concern the comedians until it is also explained to them that the event is in fact a four-hour extravaganza. Forced to spend the entire evening in each other’s company, these four disparate personalities discover that, in spite of their differences they share some very crucial things in common – the peculiar pains and pleasures of the life they have chosen to live. The result is a bittersweet portrayal of the sober world behind minor celebrity status. What becomes clear through the individual dilemmas of Boswell, Tanya, Perry and Jim is that – be it or be it not rewarded by success – there is always a price to pay for ambition.

Art and Soul: comedy drama (100 minutes approx)

Artists often say they put their ‘heart and soul’ into their work. But what if it were actually true? What if only our lifeless bodies are buried and our souls stay with the one thing that truly defines us – our greatest creation? Van Gogh, Renoir, Dali and Klimt have spent their afterlife travelling the world with their paintings, moving from gallery to gallery, residing in the store rooms and basements that house the canvases before and after each exhibition. Finally the like-minded ghosts agree that enough is enough. Tired of existing in a world in which they no longer participate, the four great men are ready to move on. However, to pass over into the realm beyond, they must destroy the beloved paintings that have kept them here. But they are, after all, spirits and just as the living world cannot touch them, they cannot touch it. After numerous failed attempts to obliterate the canvases, the four artists have all but given up hope of freeing themselves when another spirit appears. Younger and more cunning, she explains how they can, once and for all, put an end to their intolerable immortality. The result is truly explosive.

Take My Hand: Drama (70 minutes approx)

The woods at dawn, on the day of your own death, is a peculiar time to fall in love – but it can happen. Daniel and Melinda, two miserable teenagers, finally find in each other a kindred spirit. If only Daniel had not taken the sleeping tablets that are now pushing him to the edge of consciousness and Melinda wasn’t sitting on his shoulders with a noose around her neck. Knowing that Melinda’s existence now depends on Daniel’s, the lives they had both tried to end they now cling to passionately. But will someone come before Daniel’s strength finally fails him?

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