Strung Out: comedy-drama series (6 x 30 minutes per season)

Rock stars are cool; it’s a fact. Deluded, dole-bludging, rock star wannabes, however, are not. It seems the only thing the two have in common is their unending search for that perfect guitar. So, where do the UK’s coolest and uncoolest collide in their common quest for the ultimate instrument? Answer: the musical Valhalla that is Denmark Street – a quiet, unassuming road tucked in the heart of Soho. Here resides JJ’s Guitars, the shop whose door opens seven days a week to the musical mighty, not-so-musical masses – and a constant stream of downright talentless weirdos. With the potential of cameo appearances by some the UK’s hottest musicians and an ensemble of ambitious oddballs to season the plot, JJ’s Guitars becomes the perfect breeding ground for a plethora of such unlikely encounters. Think Extras, tipped into the medley of High Fidelity and Black Books: dry humour with a musical twist and a liberal sprinkling of nutters.

Playground Politics: comedy-drama series (6 x 30 minutes per season)

Every morning six carefree four year olds push open the side gate of a suburban primary school and rush headlong into the junior playground. Dragging their feet behind them are the nubile infants’ not so happy, no longer carefree mums and dads.  Their lives entwined by default rather than by design, the twelve parents do their best to get along ‘for the sake of the children’. Despite being neither friends nor neighbours, this random collection of men and women put aside their differences and disparate backgrounds to forge some kind of bond. As they learn more about one another though play dates, parties and their daily catch ups in the playground, each begins to realise that in actual fact the threads that connect them are far more firmly attached than they thought.

Midland Grand: serial drama (3 x 60 minutes)

One of London’s most beautiful and iconic buildings of the Victorian age, St Pancras Kings Cross, has a rich and varied history. Now, having re-opened as a prestigious international hotel, it has once again, after almost a century of neglect,           re-entered the limelight. But what of the people whose lives it has touched and the secrets it has seen? Midland Grand is the story of a young woman brought up in an era where marriage is an insoluble institution and love is an afterthought. The story begins in 1912. In the lobby of the then great Midland Grand, when just a teenager, Emmeline Harding meets Albert, the man she spends a lifetime loving. Separated by the consequences of a single foolish secret that sends Albert prematurely to war, fate pushes them in separate directions and the two young lovers are forced to pursue a clandestine affair that spans over twenty years, despite each lover’s marriage to another. It is in 2002, through the eyes of a young writer by the name of Celia, that we meet Emmeline, now a homeless old woman living in the abandoned building we know as St Pancras. Over a century old and still defiant of the death of her beloved, the ancient Miss Harding tells Celia about her life, the special place that the once named Midland Grand has in her heart and her belief that Albert, her true love, will one day return for her. So that there may be some record of Emmeline and Albert’s great love affair after she has gone, Celia agrees to write the vagrant’s story. But will it have the happy ending the old woman hopes for?

Art and Soul: comedy drama (60 minutes)

Artists often say they put their ‘heart and soul’ into their work. But what if it were actually true? What if only our lifeless bodies are buried and our souls stay with the one thing that truly defines us – our greatest creation? Van Gogh, Renoir, Dali and Klimt have spent their afterlife travelling the world with their paintings, moving from gallery to gallery, residing in the store rooms and basements that house the canvases before and after each exhibition. Finally the like-minded ghosts agree that enough is enough. Tired of existing in a world in which they no longer participate, the four great men are ready to move on. However, to pass over into the realm beyond, they must destroy the beloved paintings that have kept them here. But they are, after all, spirits and just as the living world cannot touch them, they cannot touch it. After numerous failed attempts to obliterate the canvases, the four artists have all but given up hope of freeing themselves when another spirit appears. Younger and more cunning, she explains how they can, once and for all, put an end to their intolerable immortality. The result is truly explosive.

A Walk in the Woods: Drama (60 minutes)

The woods at dawn, on the day of your own death, is a peculiar time to fall in love – but it can happen. Daniel and Melinda, two miserable teenagers, finally find in each other a kindred spirit. If only Daniel had not taken the sleeping tablets that are now pushing him to the edge of consciousness and Melinda wasn’t sitting on his shoulders with a noose around her neck. Knowing that Melinda’s existence now depends on Daniel’s, the lives they had both tried to end they now cling to passionately. But will someone come before Daniel’s strength finally fails him?



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