Praise for Women Are Like Wine

9 Feb

As you know, Wistful Thinking released its first collection of monologues for mature female actors late last year and we’ve been delighted by the response from reviewers!

“Fantastic and innovative…”

“A very useful book for both actors and directors.”

“A brilliant choice of different monologues to suit of range of women of different ages, class, ethnicity.”

“Although written as a resource for actors, I found that the anthology was like reading a book a short stories. An excellent read.”

“…really feels like it reflects the wealth of knowledge and experience older performers can offer.”

Don’t forget to pick up your copy, either in paperback or as an e-book on Amazon

We think it’s the perfect book to add to your holiday list.

Women Are Like Wine released!

3 Oct

August saw the release of a monologue anthology of mature women, curated by Victoria Taylor Roberts, containing 39 brand new audition pieces written by 14 established and emerging writers from all around the UK. In response to research uncovering that there were no audition monologue resources for older female actors in the UK at present, we decided to make one! The pieces range from 1 – 3 minutes and cater to those aged 40 – 80.

WOMEN ARE LIKE WINE is now available as an Ebook or in paperback on Amazon

…or from the famous Samuel French Bookshop at the Royal Court Theatre and at the brilliant Calder Bookshop opposite the Young Vic!

And finally, thank you peeps for those lovely reviews on Amazon. Keep them coming đŸ„°

“Really inspiring intro about the value of women over 40 as actors followed by a brilliant choice of different monologues to suit of range of women of different ages, class, ethnicity, plus a very enjoyable read.”

Hidden & Other Stories flash sale

24 Mar

Between the 24th and 30th March the ebook version of the short story collection, Hidden & Other Stories, will be available for 99p.

ALL profits from the sale will go to REFUGE the women and children’s charity.

To grab your copy visit:

The Cookie Cutters is selected again!

19 Jun

Delighted to say that The Cookie Cutters, in its final lap of the international festival circuit, has been selected once again – this time by the amazing Unrestricted View Film Festival (on our doorstep in North London’s lively, leafy borough of Islington). The team are beyond excited as @UviewFF directly supports the wonderful Hen & Chickens Theatre, one of London’s iconic fringe theatres. Check out Vicky’s interview with James Wren, the festival director, below. And, yep, as always – fingers crossed!

The Cookie Cutters film: festival news!

30 Sep

Fantastic News…. We’ve hit the FINALS at the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico!!

Not only that, The Cookie Cutters has been selected to be screened as part of the festival’s 10th anniversary celebrations at their beach edition festival later in the month. Thrilled, to say the least!

In other news, we were honoured to have The Cookie Cutters selected for the UK Monthly Film Festival,  Barnes Film Festival and Winchester Film Festival, despite not making it to their short lists.

The Cookie Cutters takes to the stage – again – this April!

28 Feb

We’re delighted to say that those amazing people from Get Over It Productions have selected to stage our ten minute short, The Cookie Cutters, as part of The Scene collection at West London’s fabulous Tabard Theatre. With the film version already enjoying one festival selection and the stage version having just been aired in Ireland, The Cookie Cutters is enjoying a spurt of success. We’re really looking forward to seeing where the always innovative GOI crew take the piece next.

The Cookie Cutters general

FLYING AROUND THE WORLD! Newest short, The Cookie Cutters, heads to its 22nd festival

8 Feb

Thrilled to report that The Cookie Cutters is now on it’s way to its twenty-second festival, amongst the esteemed international list: FilmBath, Underwire, Reading, Norwich, Melbourne, Prague, Sydney (twice!) and Athens. Special mention to the folks at The HB Film Festival in Paisley who have been amazing (we love you HB!) #TheHBfilmfestival

It’s been a whirlwind with one selection laurel already under our belts courtesy of the brilliant UK Monthly Film Festival. #UKmonthlyfilmfest

Fingers, toes, corporeal tendons all crosses for us folks. Let’s see if we can get a second selection.

The Cookie Cutters 1 landscape

Festivals update: The Cookie Cutters

21 Jan

Well, we’ve been busy! The Cookie Cutters has now been submitted to 19 festivals across the UK, Europe and the US. We were proud to be selected for the London Monthly Film Festival and our fingers are crossed for the next bit of good news. Wish us well!

In the meantime, here’s a taste of the good stuff…


The Cookie Cutters: festival news

26 Dec

Wistful Thinking’s newest comedy short is now doing the rounds at film festivals in all four corners of the world. We’re delighted to say that we’ve already secured our first festival selection laurel – in the UK Monthly Film Festival no less!

Here’s to more laurels and fingers crossed for The Cookie Cutters’ auspicious journey on the world’s festival circuit. Feel free to check out the film’s trailer on the vimeo channel here:

The Cookie Cutters is complete!

14 Oct

The Cookie Cutters 1 landscape

The Cookie Cutters was borne of being witness to – and a part of – numerous surreal conversations between parents in the more privileged parts of the world. (And we really do mean the world, having researched this as far as Australia!) The dismaying fact is that the emphasis on children’s predicted academic success today far outweighs their nonchalant experience as little people still unshackled to life’s responsibilities. We wanted to shine a light on what we consider to be the misguided view of modern parents that children are merely adults-in-waiting and must be prepped (or more accurately, pummeled) into vocational beings. In doing so, parents are being bent to the will of the powers that be in need of tax paying office fodder; parents are being trained to believe that for their children to be legitimate members of a future society means being successful – and to be that in an expensive world, one must be affluent. It’s a heavy subject so we thought we’d have a go at handling it tongue in cheek!

And so to the story of the film…

After several months of re-writes, pre-production and recruitment, Wistful Thinking’s latest short film was ready to shoot. September 1st was the big day and, with the hard work of an amazing crew and fabulous cast, footage was in the can within 8 hours! (We’re pretty proud of that, considering it’s a ten minute short.) With it’s final edit complete and a trailer to boot, we are now ready to roll The Cookie Cutters out to festivals across the world. Fingers crossed for us – there’s stiff competition out there from some fabulous film-makers, but we’re hopeful. If you’d like a glimpse of the trailer, head over here: