Archive | November, 2012

Festivals submission news

28 Nov

Adam & Evie has been submitted to more than a half dozen international festivals now and although, sadly, we’ve missed being selected for the short list for one or two of them we have our fingers crossed and are hopeful of good news from one of those still in the selection process. As is usual at this time of year, things will quieten down now for a month or two but Wistful Thinking never sleeps and is on the look out for interesting festivals coming up in 2013!

Adam & Evie: our first short!

6 Nov

Our most recent project, Adam & Evie, is a short film exploring the nature of love and our varying interpretations of it. A young couple find their post-coital banter takes them into the darker subject of what love means to each of them. Sadly their differing philosophies are irreconcilable. See the trailer here: Adam & Evie is currently being submitted to festivals internationally. Watch this space for more news on how Adam & Evie performs on the circuit.