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The Cookie Cutters is complete!

14 Oct

The Cookie Cutters 1 landscape

The Cookie Cutters was borne of being witness to – and a part of – numerous surreal conversations between parents in the more privileged parts of the world. (And we really do mean the world, having researched this as far as Australia!) The dismaying fact is that the emphasis on children’s predicted academic success today far outweighs their nonchalant experience as little people still unshackled to life’s responsibilities. We wanted to shine a light on what we consider to be the misguided view of modern parents that children are merely adults-in-waiting and must be prepped (or more accurately, pummeled) into vocational beings. In doing so, parents are being bent to the will of the powers that be in need of tax paying office fodder; parents are being trained to believe that for their children to be legitimate members of a future society means being successful – and to be that in an expensive world, one must be affluent. It’s a heavy subject so we thought we’d have a go at handling it tongue in cheek!

And so to the story of the film…

After several months of re-writes, pre-production and recruitment, Wistful Thinking’s latest short film was ready to shoot. September 1st was the big day and, with the hard work of an amazing crew and fabulous cast, footage was in the can within 8 hours! (We’re pretty proud of that, considering it’s a ten minute short.) With it’s final edit complete and a trailer to boot, we are now ready to roll The Cookie Cutters out to festivals across the world. Fingers crossed for us – there’s stiff competition out there from some fabulous film-makers, but we’re hopeful. If you’d like a glimpse of the trailer, head over here: