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What are we up to in 2014?

27 Jan

Okay, firstly, our current submissions for Adam & Evie are:

Glasgow FIim Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival and United Film Festival.

This year we will be putting the festival circuit behind us for this film and will begin to offer it to Short Film events around London. Wistful is looking forward to its next film project. More news on that to come. We’ll keep you posted…….


Here’s hoping….

22 Aug

This week we have a couple of notification dates coming up so feeling optimistic. Currently waiting to hear back from Raindance.  Ah, the lovely Raindance people, some good news please! Also waiting for some lovely feedback from New York’s Bootleg Festival and also from Newport Int’l Film fest. Let’s hope one of these three panels saw the genius 😉

Shortlisted for BIFF

1 May

A big thank you to the British Independent Film Festival panel for their very kind and encouraging message regarding our submission of Adam & Evie. Although we unfortunately didn’t make it to the final selection it was thrilling to know that we’d got on to the short list. Here’s what they said…

"Thank you for submitting Adam & Evie We were really 
impressed with Adam & Evie and found it engaging and 
of a high quality. We have a number of selection 
rounds, before finalising our Official Selection and 
your project reached the final stages. It did not 
make the final cut for the festivals Official 
Selection, but we look forward to watching your career 
carefully in the future and would like to encourage 
you to submit to our festival in future years, with 
your next projects. We wish you the best of luck with 
Adam & Evie and thank you for taking the time to enter 
our festival."

Festival subs for 2013 (so far!)

30 Jan

For those of you that asked (and those of you who didn’t but are curious anyway) the festivals Adam & Evie is now submitted to are: United Film Fest (London), Raindance, British independent Film Fest, Bradford International Film Fest (don’t scoff, my home town rocks) and Newport International Film Fest. Happy hunting A&E!

2013 festivals for Adam & Evie

2 Jan

Sadly the A&E posse missed out on scooping up anything in the 2012 festivals. Having said that, we knew, only finishing the film in September, that 2013 was most likely to be our year. Fingers and toes crossed for the next few coming up in spring….

Radio play submission

2 Jan

A big thank you to the judges for giving Vicky’s radio play Lady on the Train a special mention in their recent competition. Good luck to the short list – well done!

Festivals submission news

28 Nov

Adam & Evie has been submitted to more than a half dozen international festivals now and although, sadly, we’ve missed being selected for the short list for one or two of them we have our fingers crossed and are hopeful of good news from one of those still in the selection process. As is usual at this time of year, things will quieten down now for a month or two but Wistful Thinking never sleeps and is on the look out for interesting festivals coming up in 2013!